1. nobs

  2. Very good dads: Side B
    Janet Joanna

  3. Very good dads
    Janet Joanna

  4. wow it's lo-fi beats

  5. Vietsong
    Abu Hajaar

  6. Smug Factory, We Make Smug
    Everybody's Mad But Me

  7. Ouch that WaX is HoTT

  8. Only if you actually fucking upload it this time you lazy piece of shit.
    cute ice cream slut

  9. Hotline Bling
    Trump4U: Literally Fuck You

  10. Late Night Anime (Weaboo's Delight)

  11. Siamese (Cat) Dream
    Cat Crusades

  12. Globalist Nightmare
    Alex Jones

  13. IATLOTROFC: 新しい世代のためのサウンドトラック
    わたしthe leader ofその RICK OWENSファンクラブ

  14. My Snoring Solution
    fags !WlIAZ6ilo.

  15. Gay but ironically
    goodnight, sleep tight

  16. Zesto Presto
    The Spicy Nachos From Bolivia

  17. Reptiles Control The Media
    Giant Seductive Snake Lady

  18. Whitney

  19. Who needs girls when you have INTERNET FRIENDS?
    Hail, the King of /mu/ is here!

  20. Microsoft Lex's Cool Mixtape 2016
    40 KEKS

  21. teedus

  22. マンコをペロペロのが大好だよ
    Queen Blue-Hair Thing

  23. dark ambient jpop
    claiming this track already

  24. Ya Gotta Have Alphabet In Your Alphabet Album Title Ya Dummy
    Veni Blazed Cummy Haemorrhage Entities Who Fucking Love Songs About The Alphabet

  25. Damn'st've
    MC Apartheid

  26. Fishing is Gone

  27. Wobbly Sausage
    A Statement On Black Americans In Music Without Using The Term "Nigger"

  28. Anon why would you feed me your floor spaghetti? Do you really... hate me that much? - Rem
    Skeleton Waifu Death Cult

  29. boring beats, boring lyrics and boring melodies with boring arrangements

  30. 2Angelic 2Funkadelic Two: The Core directed by Jon Amiel, 2003
    You Lil' Niggas Better Check My Trips

  31. Blowhards
    cuckboys from reddit

  32. Pump
    doot skeleton

  33. Monkey Business

  34. End My Suffering
    Independant Thought

  35. Man fuck weeaboos
    Wins Bigly

  36. Pumpkin Hill
    doot skeleton

  37. Aloha Akbar
    Jordan (the country)

  38. The Steve Stephens LP
    /mu/ Blues

  39. N(e)IN
    Fuck this I'm out

  40. Pumpkin Hills Have Eyes
    doot skeleton

  41. the hannukuh album
    Shit (parts 1 - 6)

  42. This is the album name and that is the title track
    Steve Albini rides the Rape Horse

  43. Bump
    Why Must I Keep Bumping?

  44. Hanging Dong is a Girl
    Do you think this is a fucking game?

  45. Dam Son (interlude)
    Guilty of Being Asian

  46. Songs About Farming 'N' Shit
    S'mores Whore

  47. Trying out various sex positions on a compact disc
    69 for album cover

  48. Against His-Story, Against Leviathan
    Anti-Rock & Roll League

  49. holy smokes!
    Jesus Come In Me

  50. King Kunt
    King Kunt

  51. a swarm of bees
    Kzoslmxijwwbndiia. (Pt. 2)

  52. Vanilla Boy
    The Eternal Anglo

  53. Excalibur Unsheath'd: The Insemination of One Thousand Crickets in a Wednesday's Daylight.
    Ahead of our Time

  54. Very Experimental Album For Patricians Only
    Ping Flamingus

  55. Scaruffi Bait
    Gay Sex and Other Fun Activities

  56. Now That The Dust Has Settled
    Montie & The Radiosisheads from Liverpool

  57. nique la france
    Naked Green Machine 100% Juice Smoothie A Blend of 5 Juices With Added Ingredients

  58. Tiny Sounds for Tiny Ears

  59. C&C in a Deep Sleep

  60. 상상 속의 한국 생활

  61. The Sound of Suicide vol. 1

  62. The Sound of Suicide vol. 2


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